UedBet体育的校训是 探索学习®. Grauer is proud to be the home of the Loewy-Linz Innovation Center where our students put this motto into action every day. It is also the heart of our STEM education 程序s that help students cultivate the efficacy and ingenuity 要求 for success as life-long academics, (未来)专业, 企业家, 文化的领导人, 以及社会领袖.

STEM教育项目结合了科学, 技术, 工程和数学成为一个有凝聚力的课程,基于现实世界的因素, 需要, 和应用程序.

Our STEM education 程序s prepare students for the challenges and opportunities they will face as responsible participants in our 21st century global community, 经济和基础设施. 除了全面的大学预科STEM教育项目, uedbet体育投注每年都会举办STEM活动. uedbet体育投注机器人团队是五次获得机器人世界冠军的选手, 在这个过程中,他们赢得了卓越的声誉.

“UedBet体育 has an amazing ability to attract top people who work for the love of teaching. The school has given me a tremendous amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and experiences far beyond that of a typical high school, 并挑战我深入探索我的兴趣.”



STEM教育项目现在很普遍,并且有充分的记录. Unfortunately, many schools omit a fundamentally integral component of living and learning: The 艺术. 在UedBet体育,我们将STEM和艺术纳入我们的STEAM教育计划.

A STEAM education 程序 cohesively combines STEM 和 arts to help guide student inquiry and dialogue, which helps our student body cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills as both learners 以及社会领袖.

Our STEAM education 程序 removes the disciplinary limitations associated with classical STEM 程序s. 编程选修课和俱乐部, 吉他的建筑, 工程设计, 游戏设计, 图形艺术在促进技术精湛的同时,开辟了创造力的世界. 毕竟, 我们的全球社会需要的不仅仅是对科学的理解, 技术, 工程与数学. 它还需要奇迹、创造力、独创性和创新的应用.

在比较全国学校的调查中, our students consistently rate Grauer far above all known norms in providing opportunities for the development of creativity. Combining STEM 和 arts allows our students to connect STEM principles and ideas with design elements, 艺术实践, and moral/ethical standards that places the entire cognitive learning pallette at their disposal.



我们很自豪能为我们的高中生提供创新的STEM项目. 我们的旗舰项目之一是UedBet体育的机器人团队, 冲击波机器人#3848, 每年参加FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)竞赛的公司是谁. 欢迎所有uedbet体育投注高中的学生加入机器人团队.

每个学年,Shockwave都是UedBet体育官网地区的一个重要团队. Our team promotes STEM in the community through outreach events to local elementary and middle schools, and serves the local robotics community by hosting a league meet and a league championship on UedBet体育’s campus.

在当地的联赛和冠军赛中,Shockwave一直是一个强有力的竞争者, 定期进入决赛, 并在每年的UedBet体育官网地区锦标赛中获得一席之地. Shockwave has attended the FTC World Championship competition 5 times in their impressive 10-year history.

我们机器人团队的持续成功, 以及我们所有针对高中生的STEM项目, is due to the innovative dedication of our student body combined with their mentors 和 gracious support of their sponsors - The Loewy Foundation, AFCEA, 和UedBet体育.




Our STEM 程序s for middle school students stimulate innovation, creativity and ingenuity. uedbet体育投注中学机器人团队, Grauer GorilLegos #3195, 每年参加第一届乐高联盟(FLL)挑战赛. 欢迎所有uedbet体育投注中学的学生加入机器人团队.

The First LEGO League challenge involves 2 different components that the students can choose to work on - the 机器人的游戏项目. 在机器人游戏中, 团队设计, 构建, 程序, 并使用乐高头脑风暴技术测试自主机器人. The robots are designed and 程序med by team members to perform a series of missions during 2½ minute matches. 机器人游戏的场地反映了每个季节的现实世界主题. In the 项目, teams re搜索 a real-world problem in the field of each season’s Challenge theme. Then, they create an innovative solution to that problem and share their findings with others.

作为我们针对中学生的STEM项目的一个组成部分, Grauer's Middle School Robotics 程序 provides a fun and educational way to learn about robotics, 基本计算机程序设计, 机器人制造技术, 同样重要的是, 团队合作!

Grauer's Middle School students also participate annually in an Hour of Code 程序ming activity, 这给了他们学习如何创造技术的机会. 通过这个项目, they learn computer science concepts which help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills to prepare them for their future in high school and beyond.



让学习者更好地为技术快速发展的世界做好准备, we provide a bevy of 程序s to help cultivate technologically-proficient STEM computer science students. 作为我们全球社区的未来参与者, students are expected to possess a wide range of skills beyond just simply knowing how to perform basic functions on a computer.

编码,或者更恰当地说,“通过代码思考”,是这些关键技能之一. Our STEM computer science students learn basic concepts using web-design languages—HTML and CSS—before moving on to actual 程序ming languages, 像JavaScript, Python和Java.

Our STEM computer science students also enjoy project opportunities to explore their own coding interests in small teams while developing supplementary skills, 比如项目管理, 平面设计和用户体验. 已完成项目的样本包括:

  • 网络的投资组合
  • 多人游戏
  • 节奏游戏(基于音乐的游戏)
  • 开放的环境
  • 生产力应用程序
  • 大炮游戏
  • 计算器

求知欲是uedbet体育投注的核心价值观之一, 随着时间的推移,它还有一个额外的好处,那就是帮助我们发展计算机科学课程, 因为我们的STEM计算机科学学生不断带来新的想法, 将兴趣和技能融入课堂环境!



UedBet体育 is proud to provide our students with STEM engineering design 程序s in a supportive educational environment where freedom of design choices and project planning result in the construction of some really cool projects!

Our STEM engineering design 程序s begin by helping students find solutions to classroom problems that teachers and learners face during the course of day-to-day work. 围绕这些问题创造设计挑战,学生使用工具, 机器和材料在我们的工作室来建造他们的产品.

在第二学期, our 程序s expand to include more complicated 构建s requiring advanced mathematical calculations and multiple prototypes. Some of the final projects completed by students in our STEM Engineering Design 程序s have included a fully functioning ROV with HD camera feed and 3-axis steering, 还有人力推车! Our guitar and ukelele 构建ing class also offers students a classic “STEAM” opportunity to 构建 and play.



“我的创造力和足智多谋在uedbet体育投注得到了释放. 我喜欢和老师之间的联系.”

At 恩西尼塔斯的UedBet体育在美国,STEM项目教育的好处怎么强调都不为过. 每一个创新发现, 每个实际问题都解决了, 每个人都很兴奋, enthusiastic learner we encounter every day is testament to the effectiveness of the benefits of a STEM 程序 education.

作为世界的领导者 小学校运动, our STEM education 程序s are enhanced by tight-knit classroom environments and individual attention to each student’s gifts, 人才技能. If you and your middle or high school-aged child would like to experience the benefits of a STEM 程序 education as both Grauer students and global community leaders, 我们很乐意听到你的消息!